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1) Share Some Details About You. 

This helps our designers to get to know you better and matches you with the right style products. Our designer will study your profile to learn everything she can about you. She’ll know your style inside-out so she can pick out exactly what you’ll love.

2) Request a Curation. 

Get your best pieces selected for a styling fee of just ₹100. This gets adjusted towards anything you buy. Our designer hand picks pieces that fit your budget, your body type, your job and your personal style to create a delightful experience for you.

3) View your selection online before buying. 

From the comfort of home, view the shortlisted selection by Our designers within 48 hours. Buy among all only what you love. 

4) No pressure 

Keep what you love, give feedback for what you don't. You pay on checkout for the kept items.

5) Free Express shipping . 

We will ship your selected order with express shipping at free of cost Covid-19 hygiene protocols across India. No hidden fees, ever.


Our expert designers analyses your details to pick pieces of clothes based on your unique style, fit and budget. No subscription required.


 Share The Details To Try Yourself. 


  "Style Is Knowing Who You Are, What You Want To Say, And Not Giving A Damn."